What Does the LWDC Do?


Democratic Club members participate actively in local, state and national politics in the following ways:

  1. Taking Part in Political Events Members are notified via weekly emails and monthly newsletters of upcoming rallies, local street rallies, protests, and other political events so they may participate.
  2. Encouraging Voters to Vote Prior to elections, volunteers are provided with a list of potential voters so that they can make calls and deliver door hangers to encourage people to vote.
  3. Contacting Elected Officials Members meet to discuss a current issue and write letters to elected officials stating their opinions about the issue. Members and guests have petitions to sign and postcards to write regarding relevant issues at every club meeting, so that they may express their views. The club also emails members asking them to contact elected officials about specific issues.
  4. Registering Voters Club members assist with registering voters at local colleges, fairs, Village events, businesses, and senior living facilities to enable every eligible person to vote.


Monthly meetings give members the opportunity to meet fellow Democrats, learn about recent and upcoming club activities, participate in club business, hear an informed speaker and enjoy refreshments.

  1. Guest speakers are rigorously vetted for their expertise and the relevance of their topics. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions after the speaker has finished.
  2. During election periods, the club sponsors candidate forums to enable members and guests to hear the candidates’ positions, ask questions, and personally evaluate the candidates.

Legislative Action

Our club is fortunate to have as a member a skilled retired lawyer who is vitally interested in the preservation of the rule of law in our country. He carefully researches current legal/constitutional issues and prepares a short summary for each meeting to foster grass-roots advocacy.

Social Events

  1. Each summer members get together for a picnic lunch.
  2. Members enjoy a festive holiday party each December.
  3. An annual luncheon with a renowned speaker and a silent auction is informative as well as a fund- raiser and a social event.
  4. During election years, members get together to watch candidate debates, election night returns and inaugurations.

Charitable Opportunities

The Board of Directors has the responsibility of selecting organizations/causes to which the club contributes. The club’s chosen service project since 2008 has been South County Outreach, a food bank and resource center for those in need. Club members contribute non-perishable food items at club meetings. Members contribute school supplies and participate in Adopt-A-Family and other SCO programs. Members contribute recyclable cans and bottles at meetings; funds raised from recycling are donated to SCO.


Every two years, the club selects representatives to the CA Democratic Party’s Pre-Endorsement Conference, where representatives vote according to the vote of club Members in Good Standing. Through this process candidates for state and federal office are officially endorsed by the CA Democratic Party. The club’s Associate Member votes at Central Committee meetings for OC endorsements, also according to the vote of club Members in Good Standing. Party endorsements make a difference!

Fundraising and Membership

The financial support of members allows the club to provide donations to candidates and political organizations, disaster relief, Get Out the Vote efforts, community organizations and refreshments at every meeting.