No on Republican Recall

Vote No on the Republican Recall

Cast your ballot by September 14th and let’s keep our Governor Gavin Newsom.

Under Gov. Newsom:

  • California has the lowest rates of Covid-19 infection and the highest vaccination rate of any state and all but 5 countries!
  • California’s economy is reviving at one of the fastest rates in the country with a $38 billion dollar surplus! (Source:
  • This recall is a Republican power grab attempt, since they can’t win a regular state wide election, unnecessarily costing ALL taxpayers $276 million dollars! (Source: California Dept of Finance)

No Other Governor Has Done A Better Job!

This recall is a turnout election. We need 50% +1 of all votes for the win. WE ALL NEED TO VOTE NO!

Don’t miss the chance to voice your opinion to keep our governor and vote no on or before September 14th.