LWDC 2020 Vision Campaign

Your contribution to the LWDC 2020 Vision Campaign will allow us to open and maintain for a limited time a pre-election “home away from home”. This campaign office space will be devoted to making sure a smart, experienced and honest Democrat is elected in 2020 and brings back sanity to our country.

Democratic clubs are the heart of our party’s grassroots effort, and this campaign office will attract the attention of voters not yet connected with any Democratic Club. There they can help the effort to elect a Dem to the White House, find out about local campaigns and buy campaign paraphernalia.

It will be the place where you will be able to volunteer, to socialize with your Democratic sisters and brothers, to meet people from other local Dem Clubs, and where you are always welcomed and feel safe, appreciated and comfortable, because you know you belong.

We thank you in advance. Remember that “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave” (Native American Proverb).