Indivisible Group Action

At our Jan. 20 meeting, which was attended by 170 people, we introduced the Indivisible Plan. Here is a brief overview.

The Indivisible Guide was created by ex-congressional staffers who saw the strategies the Tea Party used to hold their representatives accountable and to get their candidates elected and summarized those strategies into a document called the Indivisible Guide.

The Guide outlines four opportunities/strategies to resist the Trump agenda and to help elect Democrats:

  • Town halls,
  • Other local public events,
  • Office visits, and
  • Mass phone calls

In January we formed four committees based on these as well as a committee to focus on the OC Board of Supervisors (which has not one Democrat on it). Our Laguna Woods efforts are connected to a Facebook group called Indivisible OC 45 CD. They initiate events and call for actions we can support. For instance 20-25 people carpooled to Mimi Walters’ office to protest the immigration ban. If you are on Facebook, you can request to join the group, so that you see what is going on in our congressional district.

We had a follow-up meeting on Feb. 5 attended by 70 people. Our next meeting is planned for April 2 in Clubhouse 2 at 1 p.m. Meanwhile the four groups will be active and have their own meetings. If you want to join the efforts of one of the groups, email us at and Sue Dearing will put the group leader in touch with you.

What is being done in OC is already being noticed: there was a report on ABC News from Los Angeles and there have been several articles in the OC Register. So we can make a difference!

Next large group meeting is scheduled for April 2.

Orange County Board of Supervisors Group Action

Arline Burgmeier informed us that the League of Women Voters attends OC Supervisors board meeting and take notes. She sent a link to their web page listing their notes from meetings going back to 2013. The link to the League’s web page is now on our OC Board of Supervisors page. You can get to our OC Board of Supervisors page by going to our Resources page. Then, in the Orange County section of the page there is a link to the Orange County Board of Supervisors page.

Walt Lawson is planning to attend a board meeting soon to get a better understanding how things work.

Kathy Rubin follows OC and Bd of Sup action/inaction on Civilian Oversight of OCSD, DA, Probation, etc.

Dave Salahi has begun watching recent past board meetings and taking notes. More meeting watchers are needed; you can watch from home; contact Dave at to learn how to help with this or other county issues.