Keep the board and thereby the membership informed about upcoming rallies, protests, political gatherings and events, and report on same for possible inclusion in the newsletter or club e-mail blasts. Study upcoming events where the presence of the club may be beneficial. If possible, coordinate carpooling for members. Contact Janice Burstin :

African American Heritage Committee

Discusses issues that affect people of color. Currently they plan and implement the VTV program “Black in Laguna Woods” and contribute articles to the LWDC newsletter.
Contact Allan Feldman:


The treasurer shall chair the budget committee which shall prepare and submit for board approval an annual budget of club expenditures and any periodic revisions therein, including any donations to candidates and non-profit organizations.
Contact Pat Leftwich – Contact Pat Leftwich at


Originate, receive from the board and membership, draft, submit for board approval and re-draft as may be required, all proposed amendments and revisions of the bylaws and standing rules deemed advisable. Present same to the board and membership for approval. Assure that members receive required notice of proposals and copies of new bylaws upon request. Contact Dana Barraclough:

Club Election / Nominating

Recruit and select nominees for officer and director positions. Present those nominations to the membership prior to club election day. Set the club’s annual election schedule and publish/distribute information to members before the election in January. Receive and tally votes and report results.
Contact Maureen Mehler:

Field Organizing & Voter Education

Research local policy issues and proposals to determine how voters can have an impact. Provide our community with accurate information on Orange County elections and local elected offices. Plan and implement advocacy projects to further long-term Democratic Club goals and objectives.
Contact Jeanne Lepowsky:


The fundraising committee is responsible for getting donations from club members and others. The committee works closely with the club’s treasurer and the budget committee to help the board make decisions on donations to Democratic candidates and various organizations in need.
Contact Rebeca Gilad: or Ray Dapp at

GOTV & Voter Registration

Manage and direct the club’s get-out-the-vote activities to prepare for an election cycle. Provide information including what is on the ballot – candidates and propositions, where and when to vote and various options on how. Also act as liaison with the club’s chair of the field organizing & voter education committee. Direct the club’s voter
registration and vote-by-mail ballot drives. Recruit and direct club volunteers for special VR events, such as the DPOC’s booth at the Orange County Fair and local senior facilities. Offer voter registration at regular club meetings and special events.
Contact Mary Ribando at


Responsible for maintaining records relative to the history of the Laguna Woods Democratic Club. The records shall include photos, newspaper articles, flyers and brochures indicating the support the club has provided to candidates, ballot measures, and relevant topics.
Contact Heide Krueger-Gerson at


Buy or provide and serve any refreshments for regular monthly meetings. Keep an inventory of the club’s storage cabinets and replenish supplies as necessary. Recruit volunteers to help with set-up and clean-up chores. Be available to fill any special requests from the president or the board.
Contact Kate Van Camp at

Legislative Action

Monitor federal and state legislative, Executive Branch and judicial actions. Prioritize and propose members’ lobbying positions and actions for board approval. Present them to members at meetings, in the newsletter, and in other ways deemed advisable.
Contact Jonathan Adler at


Manage check-in at monthly meetings and other club events. Maintain and update the club’s membership records, conduct membership and dues renewal drives, provide membership data to other committees as needed, and orient new members.
Contact Debra David at

Nominating & Club Elections

Contact Maureen Mehler at

Outreach & Fundraising

The Outreach committee is charged with spreading the work and mission of the LW Democratic Club beyond the Club’s regular events and meetings. The fundraising committee is responsible for getting donations from club members and others. The committee works closely with the club’s treasurer and the budget committee to help the board make decisions on donations to Democratic candidates and various organizations in need.
Contact Rebeca Gilad at Rebeca Gilad


Plan and produce the program part (non-club business) of regular and special membership meetings, seeking to present stimulating speakers, films, videos, discussions, and other activities involving our issues and candidates of the greatest interest to members.
Contact Annie Wright at Annie Wright

Publicity, Website & Newsletter

Publish newsletters and meeting notices, generally monthly. They may include reports and notices of club events and activities, candidate updates, and other club information of interest to members. Newsworthy items may include significant board and membership actions; notices of matters to be voted on, legislative action, as well as activism or outreach reports. The club may also publicize periodic lists of contact data for club leaders and our elected officials, editorials, opinion editorials, and other articles on substantive issues of concern to Democrats. Maintain and update as needed, the Laguna Woods Village Democratic Club website.
Contact Deborah Orrill at

Special Events

Plan and produce special club events (i.e., not regular meetings), such as annual brunches, luncheons or dinners, annual picnics, and holiday parties, and any other special events, coordinating with the program committee and other relevant committees.
Contact Nancy Hensel at


Maintain the Club’s website.
Contact Dave Salahi at